Breeding cats

Immediately after buying a cat, you need to take it to the vet, and indicate the date of the next vaccination, if this is necessary and what is needed, perhaps some planned pills, and injections that have not yet been made. It is also important to examine a cat, and eventually a cat or kitten, for the presence of congenital diseases, genetic defects, infections or viruses that can be passed on to the next generation. If anything, breeding will become impossible, so as not to spoil the future kittens with diseases.
It is desirable for a cat or a cat to have a permanent veterinarian who knows all his habits, features, past diseases and even injections. So it will be much easier to communicate with him when needed, and finally invite him to give birth, which is very desirable, especially if they are the first. In this case, different cats have their own perception of the operation – this is a serious business that requires the presence of a specialist nearby.
Breeding is only possible if the cat or kitten has participated in exhibitions where they have received the marks of “excellent” or “champion”, they must be evaluated according to breeding standards and only in this case are allowed by clubs and regulations prior to breeding. This is done to maintain breeding standards so that unplanned mixtures of different breeds do not occur.
In clubs and fairs, the breed standard is determined, whether the animal corresponds to it, how pure the breed is, without impurities, how obedient and bright the animal is. This is important, even very important, and with the constant participation in exhibitions, privileges appear, useful contacts are made, and the issue of raising cats and obtaining permission for this is simplified. Membership in clubs is optional, but desirable, it allows you to access closed exhibitions, receive any useful instructions, information that in one way or another helps in the breeding and care of cats.
Knowing the issue is not the last value. A specialized diploma in zoology can be obtained in three private lessons, but without knowledge, the process of breeding will become more complicated, and without knowledge of the breed and its characteristics, even ordinary animal care can become torture, not like breeding. That is why, before breeding or after buying a cat, you need to study this issue, study the breed, how to breed, what features, etc., and apart from this important point, you can also harm future offspring from your ignorance.
Cats Mating in kittens can occur only after 12 months after two estrus. And in cats after 14 months. To bring a cat and a cat for mating, you need permission from the club. It is pre-ordered, and if there is no partner for the cat, it is found through the same club. At the same time, animals must show passports, show the presence of all vaccinations, the absence of diseases in order to avoid problems with childbirth and kittens. The owners put on a contract, and the mating takes place under complete control on both sides, especially if a new breed is being bred.
Birth and cat care fall on the shoulders of the cat owners, but this process is controlled by the cat owners and sometimes the club. After the kittens are born, they go through an act or registration in a club or system in order to have a scale that over time is replaced by pedigree. The sale price is determined by the owner of the cat, depending on the demand for the breed. Before the sale, at least one vaccination is carried out and with a passport, standards and an agreement after 3 months, the kittens can be sold.

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