Breeding cats

Cat breeding is a real lifestyle. It is difficult to deal with cats without love and not knowing this animal, and direct affection for this issue entails appearing at exhibitions and participating in clubs, where the breeding of cats is already controlled.
It must be remembered that breeding expensive pedigree cats at the family level without the control of relevant organizations will not work, which is why we are talking about lifestyle. It is necessary not only to buy a kitten with good pedigree and after 12 months to bring an adult kitten to a cat, it is important to participate in exhibitions, draw up mating agreements, undergo examinations, and finally activate or register kittens. That is, it is annoying and complicated, but wonderful. Breeding cats brings a lot of pleasure, a lot of positive emotions, and sometimes a good profit.
Before such a serious step, you need to understand the reason – why cats are born. If it is only about money, then in reality everything is not as profitable as it seems. One in twenty breeders makes a good profit from kittens, while the rest spend more. Here it is important to be able to choose a breed, find out the demand for it, find regular customers or a circle of people who will help with the sale. You need to literally live with cats, know everything about them, where to save money, where to spend money, how to simplify this or that task, and most importantly, know people, specifically cat clubs and be a member of these clubs.
First of all, you should buy a cat, preferably a cat, although there can also be a cat, here again everything depends on personal preferences and employment. The owner of the cat is involved in the births, kittens, registration, etc., and the owner of the cat instead acts as an observer. On the other hand, participation in exhibitions is mandatory for both parents of future offspring, that is, all responsibility cannot be avoided, it is necessary to rotate in this world so that it brings profit and pleasure.
Some breeders make it simpler and more cunning, they buy a cat and a cat, two kittens, take it to exhibitions together and knit. This saves time in searching for a suitable partner, and if both animals win medals, honors, and accolades, their cats will be in great demand. So this option is worth considering. Many American and European breeders do just that. This requires a lot of money for maintenance, but it gives the desired results and results.
When buying, it is important that the cat is pure, of excellent pedigree, which can be checked in the appropriate club. The breeder selling it will tell you all the necessary information, show the parents of the pet and give all the necessary documents (passport, scales), and also prepare a contract of sale. It is important that all documents are available and correct, otherwise at this initial stage, you can destroy the entire future business. The absence of a vaccine or a single document will invalidate all breeding of cats, and the club will not give official permission, this is equivalent to the future sale of cats in the market without pedigree.

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