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Many of us believe that dogs can only be trained and bred. However, no matter the owner of a cat or a cat wants his pet to be able to perform some simple tricks, respond to commands, and in general be a trained four-legged friend. It is unlikely that you will find such an owner. But when it comes to translating all these plans into reality, difficulties arise. It turns out that teaching a cat commands, raising and training it is not easy. But today our post is ready to help you with this difficult matter, so be patient and read our article carefully
There is an opinion that cats, unlike dogs, are not very good at training. This can be explained by the fact that cats themselves are self-sufficient beings. Unlike dogs, they don’t need our approval, so they don’t try too hard to impress us. No, there are, of course, exceptions to the rule, but in most cases, our striped mustaches do what they like.
Since the term “training” is more clear to you and me, we will use it in the future, not forgetting that cat training differs in its principles and perception. Therefore, it is worth starting training and raising a pet when it is 7-8 months old and it is completely adapted in your home and gets used to you. Before – not worth it, because your cat is almost like a child, and they will not take all your demands seriously. And here, 7-8 months is just the age of your upbringing and training to give results. It is also possible to start training cats at a later age, but it will be more difficult.
Training the cat is a common game with it. So you will be successful in performing those tricks that the cat would like to perform on its own. Therefore, for starters, be sure to monitor the behavior of the pet during the game. What are his inclinations, what he likes the most, and what games he prefers, so
If your cat likes to hold toys in her mouth, you can teach her to bring the things she threw. In the event that your cat is a real fidget, and jumping and acrobatics are his strong point, you can easily train such an intelligent pet to quickly jump over hurdles or jump on your shoulder.
We all know that training a cat is a game with it, but your acquaintances and friends don’t need to know that. Therefore, if you want to impress them with your trained cat, you need to create the illusion of animal control (an illusion – because you are not really in control of the cat’s desires and actions, you allow her to do what she loves most, and only adapt to it). So, if your cat likes to hide in a box or in a bag, in order to make it look as if you asked her to do it, you need to accompany her actions with a verbal command.
In fact, it is not important how the words of this team will sound, the main thing is that they are constantly the same. Well, having said the command (I’ve already noticed that the cat is preparing to jump, so they said it), the jump itself is right – make sure you reward your smart pet for his diligence. It can be a kind word, affectionate petting, and a kind of cat treat.
Over time, a constant chain of reactions will form in the animal’s mind – after hearing the words of the command, the cat will be ready to carry out it in order to receive its reward.
Below we provide a specific example of how this works. Therefore, without exception, all cats are curious and always try to sniff their noses at what is in front of them. If you expose your cat to lips folded into a tube, the cat will want to explore it, too. From the outside, it will appear that your cat is kissing you. If you repeatedly accompany these actions with the command of a kiss, and encourage the cat after this contact, then after a while you will be able to be sure that your pet will jump into your lap on command to kiss you.
Scientists say that in fact cats are not at all stupid creatures, on the contrary, they are able to learn up to 50 human words and understand their meaning.
Thus, you can simultaneously train the cat to respond to auxiliary words, and with their help, train and control the animal.
The same word “eat” will make your pet follow you, and if you teach him the command to “hang up” or “sleep” (every time the cat goes to bed during the day, she will hit her and say these words), conditioning can help you control your pet’s behavior Excessive playing throughout the day. And when the cat gets too wild, just say the words of the command, and she goes to “sleep”

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