Choosing the way to train cats and dogs

There is something aggressive and cruel about word training, especially when it comes to our beloved pets: dogs and cats. But is it really important to train pets within strict limits
Dogs tend to be social by nature, while cats do well when they are alone. Dogs love praise and affection, while cats are often very stingy in showing their feelings. The intelligence of dogs is more reproductive than that of cats, and therefore their ability to learn is greater in training.

When training a dog, a person is forced to apply a certain scheme, it looks like this: an order from a trainer, then the task is completed by a dog and an obligatory reward. Thanks to this scheme, the behavior of the animal is brought to automation during training.
Training a cat according to this scheme will yield almost zero results. This is the main difficulty. With cats, the process is sometimes messy, depending on the mood and desire of the animal itself.
It has long been known to everyone that training dogs is easier: this is due to their desire to communicate with people and their natural curiosity. One of the most important and important traits of dogs is their tolerance of training, which makes them excellent guides and shepherds.
Dogs willingly agree to all kinds of tricks and overcome obstacles. Breed is very important here. Since there are a lot of them and they are bred for different purposes, it is not always possible to train some of them.
Cats, in turn, are not obedient and are by nature lazy. They have a wayward and stubborn character and have no need to serve people. A cat can be stimulated basically only by its own desire and sometimes the opportunity to eat something. It is better to do the training in the form of a game.
There are also breeds among dogs that are not intended for training. Fishermen often refuse this type of service. Either the result in training is not worth the effort, their sharp minds are tuned to a different result – it is important for them to be on the chase, they are irritable and bully hard at heart.
Of course, both dogs and cats can be trained, but in any case, dogs have always been and always will be the most trainable.

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