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The appearance of a dog in your life brings you not only the pleasure of owning and communicating with a living creature, but also immediately places on you the burden of responsibility for its upbringing and training, for its social adaptation in the world around it.

In this regard, you are faced with the question of what to do with the puppy, how to train the puppy, so that later he is not a stupid burden, but a faithful and helpful friend and helper.

Our many years of experience with dogs will allow you to qualitatively save time and solve various problems that may arise in the behavior of your pet.
Our professional dog training aims to make this happen, and we always work with the utmost care for your pet!

We see that our task is to help you raise a mentally developed, mentally balanced, calm and adequate dog in relation to strangers and at the same time able, regardless of the situation, to effectively protect the owner and his property.
In our work we use conscious animal training methods!!!

Through the conscious training of the dog, first of all, they see an equal partner, with whom they solve a common problem. Conscious training, or learning through understanding, implies the active participation of the dog in the work process at all stages of the training process and implies the dog’s compulsory understanding of the requirements of the trainer.
This method has passed many practical tests at a professional dog training school. Some experts confirm the highest levels of efficiency in working with dogs of different breeds and ages. The essence of the operational method of training puppies and dogs is quite simple and consists in the targeted selection of what is desired and the elimination of undesirable actions of the dog. This is achieved by the timely influence (positive or negative) on the work of the dog.
This acceptable and desirable action is positively reinforced by the use of food, toys, words of approval, and emotion. Unwanted and unnecessary actions are reinforced negatively, using words of disapproval or physical influence. Accordingly, the action that brings pleasure, the dog will repeat, and that which brings negative emotions, will cease. By behaving in this way, we gradually bring the dog to an understanding of the need to perform the actions we need or their sequence, and vice versa.
The main subtlety of such training is that the reinforcement must be produced exactly at the moment when the dog performs the action or immediately after it, since it is the reinforcement that carries information about the action of the dog that the trainer likes and what not.
After we have explained the procedure we need to the dog and made sure that she understands our requirements to carry it out, the systematic and purposeful work begins to automate the procedure (skill). In the course of this action, the distractors of the dog gradually increase, the percentage of positive reinforcement for the correct action decreases, and the percentage of negative reinforcement for the wrong action increases. Work is done on qualitative and quantitative indicators.
Consistency – Work and leisure are closely intertwined, and there is no clear distinction between them. Work should be introduced clearly and concisely into your daily communications and made a part of your dog’s life.
Graduation is a requirement that is directly related to stress (both physical and psychological). In the process of work, one should not strive to use the abilities of the dog at 100%, there is always a need for a reserve of opportunities to avoid breakdown and exhaustion.
Consistency – training requirements should correspond to the capabilities of your pet, the task assigned to him should be “on the shoulder” for him and should be achievable in each lesson. Divide the task into simpler components, you give your pet confidence in his abilities, accumulate a positive experience from victories in training.
The process of professional dog training is very painstaking and meticulous work.
We are pleased to offer you a wide range of services in the field of education, upbringing and training of a puppy, which completely cover the period from choosing your future friend to growing up.

Our services are strictly compatible with the age and social changes inherent in a dog’s development. They allow competently, correctly, pleasantly and intellectually the development of your pet.

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