How to start a cat breeding business

Cat breeding is a relatively new type of business. Even 200 years ago, entrepreneurs did not consider this activity as an opportunity for stable and high profits. Dog breeding as a business in this respect has an older history, as purebred dogs were used for hunting and to buy a puppy that promised its owner good prey. It was believed that cats were of little practical use and it was difficult to find buyers for such a product.
Before you start a family cat-keeping business, you should take into consideration the fact that it will not work to organize a cat farm. Although this is a powerful animal, it requires a lot of attention and care from the owner.
Important! It is very difficult to keep more than five individuals in one house, and if they are moved to a separate room, this will greatly affect the character of the animals and their attitude towards people. Over time, it will be difficult for the seller to find buyers for wild and aggressive cats, so all animals should always be as close to a person as possible.
If a cat already lives in the house, even if it is a purebred, then it is not at all necessary that it will become a good source of income. Yes, there is a high probability that kittens will be sold, but their price will not be very high. If you are considering raising these animals as a business idea for a private home, you need some prior training. The first step is to buy a kitten or several kittens that will become productive for breeding. Its cost depends on the breed (on average, about two thousand US dollars for one). A cat must be purchased either through a nursery or through professional cat lovers’ clubs.
Yes, such a transaction will cost a lot, but the future breeder will be able to avoid the risks of developing infectious or hereditary diseases in the animal, and also ensure that he becomes the owner of an individual that meets all the criteria relevant to breeding.

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