Training dogs is easier than training cats

You can teach a dog commands on your own within a few months, but to do the same with a cat you will need a professional and a few more time. Why does this happen?
Some people think cats are not trainable at all – they are too free-spirited for that. However, these pets can actually be trained to follow human commands and even jump through hoops – such tricks that cats do in some circuses. But it is true that training cats takes much longer than training dogs. Is this because cats are naturally more freedom-loving?
The main point in training animals is their motivation to perform certain actions. Food works best as a stimulus, because for food animals in the wild are willing to spend all their strength. Food is a necessary component of survival, so even pets that have not been deprived of food are still willing to perform tricks to get more food and keep it in their bodies “in reserve”.
In the wild, dogs and cats obtain food by hunting, which is why their training rates differ. The fact is that these animals have very different hunting techniques. Dogs can chase prey for several kilometers until completely exhausted. Therefore, those tricks that a dog performs for a person to get food does not seem particularly difficult to him – he is accustomed to hunting in this way, running through many obstacles and making a lot of effort in pursuit of prey.
Cats hunt in a completely different way. They conserve energy as much as possible so as not to waste. That is why domestic cats sleep a lot – they simply do not want to spend a lot of energy, which can be useful for them at any moment to escape from predators hunting them or chasing prey. Cats usually prey on small animals such as mice or birds that do not provide much energy. Therefore, the pets try not to spend more energy on hunting than giving them food – they often wait in the dugout and catch the victim with one throw.
Thus, when you try to train a cat, her impulse does not last long – she does not see the point of continuing to hunt, as a result of which she will get little food, but spend a lot of energy.

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